2019 predictions for NZ cannabis

Hikurangi Cannabis Company was asked by an international cannabis publication what we thought were the most important cannabis news in New Zealand last year and we what would happen in 2019 for cannabis in all forms (industrial, medical, recreational). Here’s what we said…

The most important developments in New Zealand for 2018 were:

  1. The coalition Government passed medicinal cannabis legislation that established a medical cannabis scheme to allow domestic production, deregulated CBD and allows locally sourced genetics to transition from the illicit to legal market;
  2. Medicinal cannabis cultivation licenses were issued to the first three New Zealand companies (30 applications have been submitted, 12 have been rejected or withdrawn so far);
  3. Hemp food regulations came into effect that allow for trade in foods and beverages (including limits on levels of CBD and THC);
  4. The Government confirmed a binding referendum on cannabis legalisation will take place at the 2020 general election.

Predictions for 2019:

  1. The first New Zealand made medicinal cannabis products will be taken to clinical trial and offered to patients as ‘unapproved’ medicines.
  2. Medicinal cannabis regulations will be set by December with input from industry, patients, medical professionals and academics.
  3. The first NZ cannabis companies will be publicly listed.
  4. There will be consolidation of existing companies into 3-4 serious players.
  5. A number of mergers, acquisitions and joint ventures between New Zealand companies and overseas partners will happen this year.


Do you agree with our assessment of 2018 and predictions for 2019?


  1. To whom it may concern I’m msg in regards to looking for work in a industry that’s going to make a big change for kiwis lives as I agree with what has been spoken and in time we can get a better look at how medical Cannabis has help as it has in other countries kind regards William Wilson


  2. The first New Zealand made medicinal cannabis products will be taken to clinical trial and offered to patients as ‘unapproved’ medicines.
    I have Chrones how do I register for this?


    1. Kia ora Niki, we are recording the details of those potential trial patients happy for us to do so and will include them in any patient recruitment process once we get to Phase 2 and 3 trials. Phase 1 trials tend to only health adult male volunteers to check safety and dose tolerance.


  3. I’ve been making balms and oils and edible for several years. I have tried on a wide variety of ailments and th results have been astounding. Beyond expectations. I would love to be part of this indusrty and offer my knowledge . If your looking for testimonials from some of my clients I may b able to help. It’s exciting times ahead for this new industry.
    Jillian waitere


  4. When the legalisation/referendum of it all goes through and is passed as long as theres no push back from the elder generations, will you publicly be posting jobs or presumably have those roles filled already? Very intrigued with how NZ handles the process over the next few years, could be a time for the younger generation to shine….


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