Yes! Hikurangi announce second opportunity for public to invest.

Hikurangi Cannabis Company plans to provide another opportunity for the public to invest.

After the May 2018 crowdfunding offer of two million shares sold out in six minutes (after crashing the crowdfunding host website twice), there was another $3m worth of investments registered from people wanting to help the company succeed with their funds. We’ve come a long way since May and we get asked every day if there will be another opportunity to join the journey with Hikurangi. We are happy to announce that the answer is: Yes!

We’re still working on the details but a shareholders meeting this week decided the company will provide another opportunity for the public to support our vision and growth

There will be plenty of information coming out before the second offer opens, but if you are saving your funds to buy some shares and want to be first to know, then make sure you have signed up here to get updates as they are released over the next month or two.

It’s going to be a very exciting year for Hikurangi, we can’t wait to provide more details on our progress and future plans.


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